Senior (Geriatric) Dentistry

What is Senior, or Geriatric Dentistry?

Age brings experience, insight, and wisdom, but these benefits come at a cost to our health. The aging process slows down cellular repair so that we heal more slowly than we did in youth. Growing older can take a noticeable toll on our teeth and mouths. Gums, or gingivae, lose elasticity, bone density decreases, and if the immune system weakens, oral infections occur more easily. Geriatric dentistry addresses the unique needs of patients in their senior years.

Age is not the only issue!

A wide range of medications, often prescribed for seniors, can also adversely impact teeth, gums, and breath.

At Orange Family Dental Group, your concerns and overall health are our highest priority.

Dental care for older adults requires particular attention and understanding. 

At OFDG, Dr. Sanaz has special training in geriatric dentistry. Her senior patients receive extra-gentle comprehensive exams,  dental care to seniors including, but not limited to, oral cancer and infection screening, the verification of medical clearance in collaboration with patients’ general physicians if needed. Anything seniors may require, from checking vitals and lab results, choosing a proper and safest type of anesthesia are all provided services.

With Dr. Sanaz seniors can count on gentle, thorough cleaning, and if  fillings, crowns, bridge, fabrication and adjustment of partial, complete and over-dentures or implants are needed, it will be attended with extra care, as Dr. Sanaz always strives to make her patients as comfortable as possible.