Pediatric (Kids) Dentistry

Protect your child’s teeth with regular dental checkups!

The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry advise that a child’s first dental checkup should be scheduled within six months of the appearance of their first baby tooth, but no later than the child’s first birthday. 

Healthy primary teeth, known as baby teeth, are not only fundamental to your child’s ability to speak and eat, but also serve as place holders for future permanent teeth. Decaying baby teeth, on the other hand, not only compromise proper eating and speaking, but can infect future permanent teeth that are meant to last a lifetime.

Don’t wait for a preventable emergency to bring your child in for a consultation. You can trust OFDG to help insure your child’s dental health.

What to expect:

Checkups are fun! Dr. Sanaz is a mother herself and understands how important a child’s first impressions of dentistry can be. With gentle care, she will check your child’s teeth and mouth and make recommendations based on her observations.

Let’s learn about teeth! Oral hygiene instruction is particularly important for children and is the foundation for good habits in adulthood. Dr. Sanaz focuses on teaching her young patients how to brush and floss correctly. Let good oral hygiene become second nature to your child with regular dental cleanings and oral hygiene instruction. The more your child understands about tooth decay, the more empowered they will be to prevent it from happening.

What more can I do? Protecting teeth with Fluoride Treatments. OFDG offers in office application of fluoride gel or varnish, an easy and proven way to make your child’s teeth stronger and more resistant to cavities.

Sealants keep germs away: Another treatment offered by OFDG to protect your child’s teeth consists of a thin layer of resin sealant that covers the deep grooves on back teeth and makes surfaces less prone to cavities. When it comes to children’s teeth, an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation, Let’s laugh it off! Not all children process sights and sounds in the same way. At OFDG we strive to make our youngest patients as relaxed and carefree as possible, but if sedation is necessary, Nitrous Oxide Sedation, or Laughing Gas, is a safe and comfortable option to reduce anxiety and gives discomfort before and during dental procedures.

A healthy smile is a confident smile: Despite your best efforts, your child may eventually develop a dental cavity. When caught early enough, cavities can be gently cleaned out and repaired with white composite fillings that restore your child’s oral health and keep them smiling.

Will my child need braces? Orthodontics: Catch misalignment early. As baby and primary teeth come to the surface, working with a dentist is the best way to anticipate potential issues. Schedule your child’s dental checkups at regular intervals at OFDG. Dr. Sanaz and her associates will check your child’s dental alignment and track how their dental eruption sequence is progressing over time. No two mouths are exactly alike. Optimum functionality and aesthetics requires a combination of jaw, teeth, and facial measurements. Catch problems early when they can be most easily fixed!