Composite (tooth colored fillings)

Whether you have a chipped tooth, open gap(s) between your teeth, fractured/cracked tooth, worn teeth or cavities, we can fix the defect with the tooth-colored fillings called composite fillings. The new generation of composite fillings are very durable, aesthetically pleasing and they mimic the natural tooth structure. They will last many years, giving you a long lasting, beautiful smile.

At OFDG we recommend replacement of silver fillings if it has a defect, deteriorated, fractured, or has recurrent cavities. In those circumstances we will replace it with tooth-colored composite materials.

Most patients want their silver fillings to be removed because of their fear of mercury toxicity from amalgam fillings. This common belief is not true! The amount of mercury leakage or vaporization from your existing amalgams is negligible!

Amalgam fillings are composed of mainly silver and mercury.

Fractured tooth with old silver (amalgam filling) that was removed, and the missing tooth structure was restored with white composite filling.
Tooth decay was removed, and the tooth was restored with composite filling.
Front teeth gap (diastema) closure by placement of direct composite